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The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 CLAY tennis shoe provides maximum stability and support without compromising on comfort. Compared to the previous model, it offers smoother transitions because of the reduced time needed when breaking to the side. It's our ultimate stability tennis shoe and is designed to help you cover the baseline with confidence.

The shoe’s new DYNAWALL™ construction improves your lateral movement and breaking time, allowing you to easily return to position in preparation for the next shot. And side-to-side movements are further supported thanks to the redesigned DYNAWRAP™ technology, which securely holds your foot in place. Plus, its full-length outsole will give you better grip on the clay court for added stability and support.

How does the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 CLAY provide more stability and support?

  • DYNAWALL™ construction improves your lateral movement for a smoother return to a ready position, even during deep returns.
  • DYNAWRAP™ technology comfortably secures the foot for added stability, especially during side-to-side movements.
  • Full-length clay outsole ensures better grip when sliding on the court thanks to its herringbone pattern design.

What else makes the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 CLAY shoe stand out?

This shoe is designed with stability and support in mind - we’ve spent hours testing and perfecting it at our Institute of Sports Science (ISS) in Japan. The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 CLAY tennis shoe includes additional features to support you during your game, which you’ll find listed under ‘Tech & Features’ below.

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